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Cassius Khan: Professional Artist in Residence

This fall at Eighth & Eight Creative Spaces we will be welcoming professional artists into our studios to create new or expand on existing work for young audiences. Each artist will have multiple opportunities to showcase work in progress in our small stage theatre and receive feedback from invited young audiences and a cohort of industry professionals.

Cassius Khan is a refined Indian Classical vocalist specializing in Ghazal and Thumris, as well as an explosive Tabla artist. Traditional Ghazal singers are known to play a the Harmomium and are traditionally accompany by another individual on Tabla. But Cassius has flipped the equation to what is now his trademark style which is to sing and play Tabla himself at the same time. Cassius has mastered this extremely difficult task and has been recognized as an Ustad or Maestro by key Indian Classical grand master musicians and vocalist to be the only professional musician to present this combination with full justification. He is the senior Tabla disciple of Rukhsar Ali and the sole vocal disciple of the late Mushtari Begum, both of whom taught Cassius in Canada through the traditional Guru-Shishya Parampara (Teacher -Student Tradition).

A charismatic personality both on and off stage, Cassius has been performing for nearly 30 years. He has performed internationally in music festivals and concerts and has collaborated with many critically acclaimed musicians in a wide variety of musical genres ranging from Indian classical to Persian, African, Jazz, Blues, R&B, Electronica, and even Rock & Roll and Heavy Metal. Cassius Khan’s album “Mushtari: a live concert” was nominated for the 2011 Western Canadian Music Awards in the category of ‘World Album of the Year’ as well as a Juno nomination in 2008 with the Late Ellen MvIlwaine.

During this residency, Cassius will be creating a new work for young audiences in grades K-7 that to provide knowledge and appreciation of the age-old traditions of Indian Classical music, specifically Tabla and vocal music, as well as exploring the adaptability of this musical tradition such that it compliments a multitude of global musical genres. Cassius will be working with musicians from other cultural and musical backgrounds to explore rhythms and melodies in an engaging and educational way.

This program has been made possible thanks for funding by the Province of British Columbia, BC Arts Council, and the City of New Westminster.

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