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November 1, 2022
November 30, 2022


Hidden Colours by Barry Walker

Artist Statement – Barry Walker

The reason I enjoy painting is the challenge of seeing an empty white canvas in front of me. As an artist, I see the world as a collection of colours. I take my camera with me everywhere I go, and am constantly inspired by the beauty of the natural world around me. Sometimes a specific tree will catch my eye, just because of the way the light is coming through the leaves and creating many different hues of green. Or the deep blues of the ocean contrasted by a bright red sail on a sailboat, there are so many colours to capture.

This can be daunting at times, but my art studio is my world, a place where I can feel completely in control of all that happens in there. Painting is a passion for me, not a pastime. I only paint when I have the creative urge; I never attempt it if I don’t have that feeling. For me, a painting must be of the highest quality an artist can produce, otherwise why do it?

I work mostly from photos, that way I can paint any time of the day or night, whenever I am in a creative mood. I can take certain parts of one photo that really stand out to me and combine them with parts of another, and in this way I can create a painting that has all of the elements I want to incorporate. Although I studied portraiture from a young age, my favourite subject is the seascape, I enjoy the movement that water puts into a painting.

I am very pleased to be showing this collection of my work, I see it as a chance to show what can be achieved when someone has a passion for doing what they love. I hope that you will view these works from your own eyes, and see the colour and light and movement that I convey with my medium. I want to show how an artist can see the world through canvas and paint.

About the Artist:

Barry was born in Sydney, Australia. He began his artistic training at the age of ten at the East Sydney College of Art where he studied portraiture. Barry worked as a professional graphic artist in Canada for over thirty years, and his work has shown in galleries across Canada and the United States.

Barry’s current artistic output focuses primarily on landscapes and seascapes. He finds inspiration from the beauty of the BC coast, the Maritime provinces, and his home country of Australia. Barry has been a member of both the Portrait Society of Canada and the Portrait Society of America, and was an active member of the Federation of Canadian Artists for twelve years, exhibiting his work at many Federation shows.

When Barry isn’t traveling the country taking photographs for future works of art, he can typically be found sitting by the banks of the Chilliwack River working on a new painting. Barry has an enthusiasm for life that is both abundant and contagious. His love of life is what makes him such a vibrant artist, as his works are always imbued with a sense of exuberance and natural wonder of the world around him.

Barry currently resides in Maple Ridge, British Columbia with his wife, Nora and their Jack Russell Terrier, Sarge.

The Plaskett Gallery is open 1 pm to 4 pm Tuesday to Friday. It is also open before all shows and during intermissions. Should you wish to view the exhibits outside these times please make an appointment with Andree at 604.517.5900.

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