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June 13, 2024


6:30 pm


New Westminster Secondary School Dance Department


Mean Girls & Popstar Extravaganza

Presented by the New Westminster Secondary School Dance Department

NWSS Senior Dance Presents: Mean Girls

Cady Heron, a new student navigating the treacherous social landscape of North Shore High, is enticed by the “Plastics”, and infiltrates their ranks with the help of her outsider friends Janis and Damian. As Cady immerses herself in the world of high school drama, she must grapple with betrayal, identity, and the true meaning of friendship. Will Cady dabble in retaliation or will she stay true to herself and choose kindness?

NWSS Junior Dance Presents: Popstar Extravaganza

Get ready to dance in your seats as we “Spice up your Life” and take you on a “Thriller” of a journey through the electrifying world of Pop Music, past and present. “Everybody” get ready to scream “Yeah” as the Junior Dancers get in “Formation”, “Break Free”, and “Work It” on stage, bringing you that “Uptown Funk”.

This show contains mild flashing lights, use of fog machine and loud music and cheering

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