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May 18, 2024


8:30 pm


EMH Productions


Shahin Najafi Live in Concert

EMH Productions Presents Shahin Najafi Live in Concert

Indulge in an evening of sophistication and musical brilliance with the distinguished artist, Shahin Najafi. Join us for an exclusive event where Najafi’s poignant protest melodies harmonize seamlessly with the elegance of the venue. Delight in a concert experience that transcends the ordinary, showcasing not only the virtuosity of Najafi’s performance but also the refined taste of our discerning audience. Witness the convergence of art and advocacy in a setting that exudes glamour and cultural significance. Reserve your seat for a night of opulence and cultural enrichment as Shahin Najafi graces us with an unforgettable performance, leaving an indelible mark on the connoisseurs of fine music.

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