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December 29, 2023
December 31, 2023


$16.50-36.99 plus service charges


Royal Canadian Theatre Company



Presented by the Royal Canadian Theatre Company

Written by Crystal Weltzin and Music by Argel Monte de Ramos

The classic tale with a fun and silly twist. Enjoy the rags to riches story with terrible puns and fantastic original music and parodies you can sing along to. Traditional British Panto at its rambunctious best! Sparkling, magical, family fun awaits when you join our wacky cast! Come and sing along with toe-tapping music, groan at corny old jokes, cheer the good guys and boo the bad in another hilariously funny show with sparkling sets and colourful costumes. A perfect holiday treat for the whole family!

Relaxed Performance*
Friday, December 29 at 6:30 PM

The relaxed performance is sometimes called “sensory friendly performance” and is specifically designed to make theatre more welcoming for audience members with sensory, communicative or other challenges.

During these plays, patrons can enjoy the show together with family and friends in welcoming, inclusive and relaxed spaces. “Relaxed Performances” are also excellent for anyone with babes in arms or toddlers.

  • Sound and lighting cues are adjusted to be less intense;
  • Exiting and entering the auditorium is allowed at any time;
  • Auditorium lights are never fully turned off;
  • Audience noise, movement and even the use of phones or other “fidget devices” are tolerated.

Relaxed Performances are “Buy 1 get 1 free” to accommodate for those with a guide or an aid who attend the performance with them.

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