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3942 sq.ft.

Ceiling Height


About Studio 1C

Equipped with a portable audio unit, we have several multipurpose studios that are suitable for music and dance rehearsals, meetings, and workshops. The Studio 1C offers ample space for special occasions such as fundraising reception, awards ceremony, and rehearsals and performances.

Plus d'informations

Room Dimensions: 54’W x 73’L (3942 sqft.) or 16.5m x 22.3m (366 sqm.)
Ceiling Height: 30’ or 9.1m
Room Capacity: 400


Upcoming Events

Old School Music Hall
October 11, 2024
Global Tea
December 8, 2024
Old School Music Hall
April 12, 2025
Old School Music Hall
May 3, 2025
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