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Community Nights is back for 2023/24!

Looking for a space to write some music, rehearse new choreography, or develop a creative project? Join us on Tuesday nights where you can freely create at Eighth & Eight Creative Spaces!

Upcoming 2023/2024 sessions:

  • Every Tuesday from September 26–November 28, 2023
    • Application closes September 13, 2023
  • Every Tuesday from January 16–March 26, 2024
    • Application opens December 4, 2023
  • Every Tuesday from April 16 – June 25, 2024
    • Application opens March 4, 2024

Community Nights takes place every Tuesday from 4:00-10:00pm. It provides artists and art groups with the opportunity to access spaces at Eighth & Eight Creative Spaces at the Massey Theatre Complex for FREE. We are offering a maximum of two-hour blocks for each artist/group to build their creative projects and hone their artistic skills in a supportive, barrier-free environment.

Upon utilizing studio spaces, all participating groups will be asked to participate in a maximum of two free public events or forms of public engagement (e.g., workshop, talk) at Eighth & Eight Creative Spaces. More details will follow.

Please make sure you are eligible to apply for Tuesday Community Nights. We only accept artists/groups who:

  • Do not involve commercial activities (e.g., no advertising for your event).
  • Do not involve paid enrollment (e.g., no paid workshop).
  • Do not involve public showings (e.g., exhibition/screening).
  • Host the events with the same group of attending members each week.

If you have questions about your eligibilities, please contact Qiuli Wu at

Currently, we are only opening applications for the September–November 2023 session. If you’re interested, please fill out the form by Wednesday, September 13.

*Space access does not include the theatre, technical support, storage, or equipment.
*Schedule is subject to change with notice.
*All participants will be required to sign a participation contract and liability waiver.

Testimonial from Lois Warwick from Foolish Productions, a performing art collective:

“Community nights at Massey theatre has been a godsend. This year I started a theatre collective and the ability to use such wonderful spaces for free to create art has been incredibly helpful. All of the Foolish Production team loved the time we spent this last spring, coming together once a week for meetings, auditions and rehearsals alike. The team is so understanding and accommodating. I highly recommend this opportunity to any and all artists in the lower mainland and hope other art center’s are taking notice of the amazing work Massey is doing.”

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