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Rotary Club of New Westminster makes $10,000 donation to Developing a Community Kitchen

New Westminster, BC – Massey Theatre Society is celebrating a $10,000 donation by the Rotary Club of New Westminster. This donation will be directed towards the Eighth & Eight Creative Spaces Community Kitchen in the Massey Theatre Complex.

Showing their continued commitment to community service and support, the Rotary Club of New Westminster made the decision to direct these funds to the Community Kitchen project as it will fill a need in the community.

“We’re thrilled to be able to support this fantastic initiative,” said Rotary Club of New Westminster Co-President Gabor Gasztonyi, “We challenge other local business organizations to match our donation so this kitchen can serve our community.”

The Community Kitchen will be used to enhance the day-to-day life of the facility in addition to enabling a whole new variety of social, cultural and artistic activations. There is currently no appropriate kitchen space in the facility. The facility would be used to feed artists, activate community programs, service fundraisers, meetings, cultural celebrations, awards ceremonies, as well as performances and arts programs. Eighth & Eight will look to participate in food sustainability programs, local food and beverage markets, educational and community cooking programs, streaming cooking shows and coffee talks and more . These will all be able to be programmed in the Community Kitchen once the space is complete.

“The Rotary Club has supported Massey Theatre Society several times over the years,” said Jessica Schneider, Executive Director of Massey Theatre Society, “Their support is always a reminder of how strong our community is and gives us a boost of confidence that what we do is relevant and valued.”

This $10,000 donation is one quarter of the funding needed to ensure this kitchen is completed. Massey Theatre society is currently fundraising to complete this kitchen and get started with community activation, connection and creation. For more information, please contact the Massey Theatre.

About Eighth & Eight Creative Spaces

Eighth & Eight Creative Spaces comprises over 57,000 square feet of dynamic and creative spaces in the Massey Theatre Arts Complex which includes the Massey Theatre, Plaskett Gallery, four multipurpose studios including a performance studio and dance studio and digital labs. The expanded spaces at the Massey Theatre Complex and operated by Massey Theatre Society aim to offer artists and community a facility as well as resources and support for their work, creating new and inclusive opportunities for artistic creation, presentation, development, community engagement, wellness practices, and workshopping.

About Massey Theatre Society

The Massey Theatre opened in 1949 as British Columbia’s largest theatre, at the time, with 1,260 seats. Since then, its lights have shone on thousands of performances and has become a cherished space to experience the arts. The Massey hosts large scale musicals, international music and dance performances, symphonies, choirs, ballets and more. With a commitment to the cultural life of the community, it supports programs for emerging artists and community groups as well as new creation and production residencies. The theatre is a key gathering place with over 100,000 visitors and hosting over 200 events/performances each year. The Massey Theatre Society is a catalyst for a vibrant, expressive community and a stage where any dream is possible.

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